I believe that things form their full meaning through

harmonizing with one another. The space required for 

obtaining harmony is known in Japanese as ma.

It is created by placing mutual distance with 

consideration so that the resulting space serves as

an indication of the existence of the other. 

Not too close, not too far, 

there has to be that perfect distance from one another 

to maintain harmony and balance. 


I find beauty in things that are simple, subtle,

unobtrusive, asymmetrical, irregular,

imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. 

Things which take time, a quiet mind, and a deep

understanding to discern them. 

By creating multiple things and searching for 

that perfect moment where placement and balance

merge as one, and each becomes the best version of itself

because of the existence of the other, 

I gather a moment of clarity and everything just feels right.